Learning@STLUKE'S Framework

Learning@STLUKE'S is a framework for teaching and learning which identifies learning as the core of business of St Luke's Grammar School. It uses Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power framework which draws together research on how students learn and what capacities strengthen our capacity to learn. Within our framework we have identified 5 R's associated with learning. Powerful learners display capacities associated with Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity (the capacity to learn with others) and Restoration.


Students who are strong in reciprocity know when they will learn best on their own and when they will learn best with others (interdependence). They are good at collaborating with other students, have good listening skills and learn from others by watching them carefully and taking on board new ways of thinking (imitating).


Reflective learners plan their approach to their learning, continually revise how they are learning, are able to identify the main points they need to learn (distilling) and have a good understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses as a learner (meta-learning).


Resilient learners are able to be absorbed in their learning. They can manage distractions around them focusing instead on their learning. Resilient learners are able to notice subtle changes in their environment, identify patterns and details which inform their understanding and, perhaps most importantly, resilient learners demonstrate perseverance when faced with challenging learning tasks.


Resourceful learners are good at asking questions which support their learning and the learning of others, they quickly make links between different ideas, can use reasoning to form an argument and imagine new possibilities. Finally, resourceful learners are able to capitalise on the resources available to them inside and outside the classroom.


Our Christian view of human flourishing sees true humanity characterised by grace, compassion, humility and seeking justice for others. This notion of Restoration informs our whole approach to learning. Not only are students able to grow in their understanding, but we hope they might also grow in their humanity and that their capacity to learn might empower them to change the world, little by little, foreshadowing the final restoration at the end of time.

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